Application for aging FaceApp: is it safe to use it

Приложение для старения FaceApp: безопасно ли его использовать

Mobile app FaceApp, which can “wear out” any person, developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab. Service of processing photos with the help of neural networks appeared in 2017. Its Creator — Yaroslav Goncharov, who previously worked in the company “Yandex”. About it reports the edition AIN.UA.

The company is registered in Russia. It operates within the framework of the Russian legislation. This means that Russian secret services can access the data Wireless Lab collects and stores (we will remind, Russia has a law on the storage of user data on local servers).

According to the newspaper, experts believe that users who do not want their personal information disclosed to the FSB, it is better not to use the program.

“If you think that you are unable deliberately to spy on the Russian intelligence services, or basically do not want to send Russian any your data — then you should avoid such services and applications. I would definitely not recommend to look at itself in old age, Vladimir Zelensky, Stepan Poltorak or Ivan Bakanov”, — said the head of NGO “Laboratory of digital security” AndRina Chulivskaya.

According to her, in FaceApp privacy policy says they can collect information about what services people use, from which the device comes, what sites visits, and some other information from your browser etc.

The judge said that users pay their personal data to use such programs. The services use the data to better understand users and offer them more relevant services and relevant advertising.

“If you FaceApp login in via your Facebook profile — it requests access to General public information to your profile, email addresses, and all the photos in your Facebook (including shared only for friends or only for themselves). If you have set FaceApp as an app on a smartphone — it will also have access to all the photos on your smartphone, including that you’ve never circulated on the Internet”, — says Chulivskaya.

The expert recommends that you install only those apps that a person really need. All much better to remove.

In turn, the acting head of SBU Ivan Bacanoin at the briefing said that the currently popular Russian photo service Face App may have some vulnerabilities, but almost all programs on the Ukrainian market are analyzed.

“If we are talking about the program, any program has a certain vulnerability. This program may also have such vulnerabilities. Our D-kip in principle analyzes 95 percent of the programs which are on the market of Ukraine. Such vulnerabilities are sought, if they are, then informed the developers or the platforms that implement these programs. Now these data, which can be the object of some attacks we do not yet have” — said Bakanov.

We will remind, recently the users of social networks with the help of the service Face App “aged” Ukrainian politicians Vladimir Zelensky, Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Groisman and singer Oleg Vinnik.

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