Approved the list of drugs that will be imported without VAT

In Ukraine approved the list of drugs to combat the coronavirus, which will be imported without VAT.

Утвержден список лекарств, которые будут ввозить без НДС

The government approved the list of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment intended to combat coronavirus Covid-19, which will be imported into Ukraine without duties and VAT. This was reported on the website of the customs service on Facebook.

This list includes:

  • diagnostic tests Covid-19
  • devices of artificial ventilation of lungs
  • fibrobronchoscopy
  • dispensers oxygen humidifiers
  • mobile x-ray apparatus
  • paracetamol
  • insulin
  • lidocaine
  • furosemide
  • disinfectant
  • respirators
  • the laryngoscope
  • syringes
  • wheelchairs
  • antiseptics chlorhexidine
  • ethanol solutions

Changes take effect upon publication in the Government courier and within 3 months.