Apps and sites that will help you save money on grocery shopping

Want to cut back on their spending at the grocery store? Saving money on groceries is easier than it might seem at first. Publishing The Penny Hoarder has compiled a list of easy and unexpected tips to help you save on the products.

Приложения и сайты, которые помогут сэкономить на покупках в продуктовых магазинах

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9 useful tools and applications

Your phone is a very powerful tool save, download these apps and try.

1. Nielsen Consumer Panel: tell us what you have in the fridge

Want to get rewarded for what demonstrate your grocery haul?

You’re probably familiar with Nielsen. It is a company which monitors television ratings. Now he wants to track what you have in the fridge.

Install the Nielsen Consumer Panel, and then use your smartphone to scan the barcodes of their products. When data is sent to Nielsen, you receive gift points which you can use to redeem for free electronics, household items or toys.

2. Chase Freedom Unlimited: you will receive a bonus of $150

If you do not use bonus a credit card for everyday purchases, you’re missing free money.

You just need to make sure that you are not too keen on these purchases, and that the card is repaid at the end of each billing period.

Here is an option that we like: this card is Chase Freedom. You get unlimited 1% cash back for all your purchases. In addition, if you spend $500 in the first three months of opening the card, you will get a bonus of $150.

The card also offers 5% money back in some categories. For example,if you refer a friend in one quarter you can earn 5% cash back for fuel and the categories change every quarter.

3. Ibotta: get $20

Ibotta will pay you cash for taking photos of receipts from your grocery store.

Here’s how it works: Before you go to the store, find the items in the shopping list in the Ibotta app. When you return home, take a picture of your receipt and scan the bar codes of the goods.

The app is free to download. In addition, you will receive a bonus check of $20.

4. Ebates: get free gift card Walmart $10 plus cashback on all purchases

Want to get $10 for next trip to Walmart?

Register on Rakuten, the website money back, which rewards you almost every time you make an online purchase. When you use the service, you put it in your pocket gift card Walmart $10.

Here’s how:

  • Sign up to Rakuten.
  • Use the online portal the next time you make an online purchase in a popular store like Walmart, Amazon or Target. Make this purchase within 90 days after you register and spend at least $25.
  • Your Ebates account will be credited points, which you will be able to cash out for Walmart gift card for $10.

5. Scan barcodes of your products for free gift cards

After you sign up for Nielsen Consumer Panel, you will receive access to the application NCPMobile. When you unload their groceries after the next shopping trip, simply use the app to scan barcodes of products.

Nielsen rewards you with points you can redeem for free gift cards, electronics and household items.

Applying for membership is simple. You answer a few basic questions about yourself and your family, then Nielsen will consider your request and will contact you when you will be able to join.

6. Phil: get a discount of up to $30 dollars on your prescription

You run to the local pharmacy grocery store because you forgot to pick up prescription drugs? Next month save time and money with Phil, a service that will deliver your medication straight to your door.

They’ll even talk to your insurance company to resolve payment issues and to renew the prescription so you don’t have to do it.

In addition, as a new customer, you will receive up to $30 discount on your first prescription.

7. Swagbucks: get $5 cash for online purchases

Here is a simple way to get a gift card for $5 for the next trip to the grocery store: use the Swagbucks extension for Google Chrome on your computer or laptop and save even more on purchases at some of your favorite sites such as Amazon and Target.

You will get bonus Swagbucks $5 when you earn 2500 SB for the first 60 days after registration. To cash out the bonus via PayPal.

8. Fetch: get the money for a photo of your grocery receipt

To save at Fetch Rewards all you have to do is take a picture of a receipt from the store.

Here’s what to do:

  • Download app Fetch Rewards. (Pst: enter the code PENNY, and scan your first receipt to earn 2000 points)
  • Create an account with your email address or through Facebook.
  • Take a photo of your grocery receipt (must be within the last 14 days).

Fetch Rewards finds opportunities for you to get rewarded for your everyday shopping.

Every time you scan a receipt, which includes one of the more than 250 participating brands, you’ll earn points.

Once you accumulate enough points, you can cash out a gift card from many stores. For example, 10,000 points will get you a gift card to Sephora for $10. Or for 3000 points you get a card Panera Bread for $3.

9. Loyalty apps

Whatever your local grocery store most likely, he has a loyalty app.

For example, the Aldi app allows you to use the weekly coupons, create a shopping list and find the nearest store. The Publix app works similarly, allowing you to find digital coupons for use when ordering.

Use these sites to get coupons on products

A simple way to save a lot of money at checkout is to use coupons.

1. Betty Crocker: up to $250 savings

Enter your email address and he’ll send you coupons worth up to $250 that will help you to get discounts or free canned food, cereal or yogurt in the grocery stores.

In addition to coupons, you will get the best of the 15 000 tested recipes, instructions and more — right to your e-mail.

2. Pillsbury: $250 in coupons

Sign up for email newsletter to receive up to $250 a year in coupons, access to free samples (limited quantity, one for each member) and most simple recipes sent straight to your Inbox.

Due to the high cost of these coupons they limit one set of coupons per person, so if you need more, ask someone else in your family to register.

3. Free coupons

Once you think you’ve exhausted all your coupon resources, think again.

Take advantage of exclusive discounts on the Kellogg’s portal. Here you will find coupons for the best deals on cereal, diapers, Laundry detergent and much more.

In addition, use the tool to earn points on other goods. Redeem them for gift cards for popular shops, such as Starbucks, Domino’s and Sephora.

Register and answer a few questions to earn 100 bonus points.



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