Archive, library and letters of Admiral Kolchak, shipped gold from Russia, sold at auction in Paris for € 3 million (PHOTO)

Архив, библиотеку и письма адмирала Колчака, вывезшего золото из России, продали с аукциона в Париже за 3 млн евро (ФОТО)

Archive and library of Admiral Alexander Kolchak, head of the White movement, who allegedly brought from Russia a considerable part of the gold reserves of the country, sold at auction in Paris for Euro 3.12 million.

“Collectors with great enthusiasm to the sale of these historical documents. In most cases, lots were traded with a multiple excess of the expected prices,” – said the official representative of the French auction house Drouot Matilda Tennebreck.

In the archives of Kolchak was almost 400 lots of books, photographs, diaries, letters to his wife Sofia Fyodorovna and her lyrics. One of the rarest of the documents was a handwritten Declaration of the Provisional government in Omsk on February 23 of 1919, with corrections and additions Kolchak. The document States that the government “took on the challenge to introduce a reunited Russia into the circle of the world’s great democracies”. The auction also was exposed to the gospel with the bookmark in the form of St. George ribbon.

Archive of Admiral for a long time kept his wife, who along with his son emigrated to France in 1919. Then, as reports “Radio Liberty”, the archive passed to his son, Kolchak, and later to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The heirs did not want to store documents in the family. They stated that for safety they would have to divide the files among themselves, and this would reduce the value of the documents.

Passport marine Lieutenant Alexander Kolchak, issued June 4, 1900, expected to sell for 2 thousand euros, but the price has risen to 82 thousand euros. Premium list of the order of St. George, which the Admiral bestowed Tsar Nicholas II, achieved a price of 211 million euros. The photograph, which captured Kolchak at your Desk, in the Royal officer’s uniform, sold for 12 thousand Euro, while expecting only 700 euros. Photo of Admiral Kolchak in uniform went for 22 thousand euros. Track record of Kolchak – Euro 24 thousand instead of five thousand. Kolchak’s telegram, signed by Alexander Kerensky, in which “it is proposed to take measures to protect the former Royal family by agreement with the local Commissioner of the Provisional government” – 27 thousand euros.

The order of the black sea fleet in Sevastopol, signed in July 1916, was sold for 10.5 million euros. In his text, in particular, said: “Today marks two years since the outbreak of the war. Congratulations to the black sea fleet with the third year of hostilities. Yes, the Lord will, to this new year war was a year of successes and victories of our allied armies and fleets, the company of military glory, the year of execution of military plans.”

Diploma of Nicholas II on awarding Alexander Kolchak the order of St. George IV degree was sold for 165 thousand Euro, with expectations of 7 thousand.

89 thousand euros realized price for the unique “Omsk Declaration” – handwritten Declaration of the government of Kolchak, made in Omsk on February 23, 1919. “The Russian government led by Supreme ruler, Admiral Kolchak took on the challenge to introduce a reunited and restored Russia to the circle of the world’s great democracies. Having in mind this objective, the government worked tirelessly over the past eight months, uniting active and viable elements of the country, accumulating forces and means of the rich and mighty of the people, tired of a long struggle,” reads the five-page text of the Declaration.

The price for the gospel with the handwritten mark Alexander Kolchak “July 7, 1900. Russian polar expedition of 1900-1902 G. G.”, was 65 thousand euros. The book is valuable and the fact that the son of the Admiral took it with him when he went to serve in the French army during the Second world war. His hand made marked “War with Germany 1939-1940”, reports TASS.

Various telegrams Kolchak at expected price of 600-700 Euro, have sold for 2-3 thousand and even 7 thousand euros.

Letters of Sophia Feodorovna Kolchak, the wife of the Admiral, had sold an average of 400-500 euros, her diaries and 1,5-2,5 million euros for the notebook.

Alexander Kolchak – a Russian Admiral and Explorer, graduated from the Marine corps, served in the Baltic fleet and in the Pacific, studied Oceanography, then conducted research in the Arctic in the composition of polar expeditions. Participated in the Russian-Japanese and First world wars. In the fall of 1915 he was appointed commander of the Mine division of the Baltic fleet, in 1916-1917 was the commander of the black sea fleet.

In September 1918, Kolchak arrived in Siberia, where he joined the Provisional all-Russian government and was chosen as its “Supreme ruler”, his residence was in Omsk.

In addition to the charges related to his participation in the civil war, Kolchak was also accused of removal of a large part of the gold reserves of the country abroad.

In the most common version, in 1919, railway train carrying 500 tons of gold, controlled by Admiral Kolchak, was sent from Omsk to the East. After the abdication of Admiral from the rights of the Supreme ruler of Russia the train was placed under the control of the Czechoslovak corps. However, when in February 1920 the train, went to the Soviet authorities, its stock was lower by almost 200 tons. In many boxes, where he stored gold bars was discovered bricks and stones.

The search for the legendary Kolchak’s gold has been conducted for several decades.

In January 1920, the command of the Czechoslovak corps detained Kolchak during the retreat to the East and handed over to the Bolsheviks in exchange for allowing the military to leave Russia. On the night of 7 February, Alexander Kolchak was executed by Bolsheviks without trial in Irkutsk.