Ardent Putinist Tina Kandelaki sharply criticized the Railways for toilets in trains (video)

Ярая путинистка Тина Канделаки резко раскритиковала РЖД за туалеты в поездах (видео)

Well-known Russian television presenter and media Manager Tina Kandelaki, which was previously criticized for too much cleavage at a reception at Putin, spoke out sharply about the service in trains. She showed shocking videos of toilets with rusty taps and no water.

“Every time I wonder how in the XXI century it is possible to transport people in such conditions? What is this?”, — resented Tina Kandelaki.

She was supported by many members. In the review they note that “such bestial conditions have to lay out a lot of money.” Sometimes the train tickets are almost as on a plane. Tina also advised to experience at least a week in the life of the ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation, to feel in full, as “schrapnell” everything works in the country.

“To plunge to her life and the life of a conventional (average) Russian man on a week — probably would not be the horse’s arse and he like to lick. Railways see she loves! Hypocrite!“, writes commentator.

By the way, it is not the first time criticizes the Railways. In the spring she was indignant because of the high cost of tickets with low service.

Recall that Kandelaki is one of the supporters of Putin’s policies. She posted the “Peacemaker” for visiting annexed Crimea in violation of the laws of Ukraine.

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