Are people with disabilities the great forgotten of the electoral campaign?

Are people with disabilities the big forgotten in the election campaign? ?


Disability advocacy organizations have implored political parties to finally take an interest in them, just days before the election. 

“There is no there is nothing that is put forward for us, for integration and inclusion. It makes us a little pissed off, ”lamented Jimmy Turgeon-Carrier, blind, and assistant to the Disabled Persons Assistance Resource, in Rimouski

“Disabled people are not a lobby, or a paying group from an electoral point of view in the context of the campaign”, added André Prévost, director general at the Confederation of people with disabilities in Quebec (COPHAN).

Universal accessibility, access to adapted transportation and integration into the labor market are all real issues that still do not have concrete solutions proposed by party leaders.

“We are in a dazzling labor shortage, and there is no measure to increase funding for work integration contracts for people with disabilities” , pointed out Mr. Turgeon-Carrier.

Last August, inflation was 7%. Organizations that help people with disabilities are asking for a significant increase in disability pensions, to allow people with disabilities to make ends meet.

“We are human beings who, yes, have needs so we have to adapt, but we are people like all other citizens. You must not forget our needs, because we exist. We want to take part in the society of tomorrow, so take measures so that we can continue our way of life,” added Mr. Turgeon-Carrier.