Argentine volleyball player gained a point foot in world Cup match (video)

Аргентинский волейболист набрал очко ногой в матче Кубка мира (видео)

In the match of world Cup 2019 in volleyball, which takes place in Japan, between Argentina and Poland (1:3), there was one funny episode.

Player of the Latin American team Matias Sanchez completed one of the drawings of the ball kick, which led to the capture points.

The shot was involuntary – the ball bounced off the leg of the player after the attack poles, but it sure flew back, no one was able to take it.

Note that under the new rules the characteristics of the blow (touch), the ball may touch any part of the body.

The irony of the situation adds that fact that Sanchez is the most diminutive player on the team is Libero, his height is 173 cm.