Ariel winter has opened up behind the scenes of filming “modern family”

Ariel winter once again drew the attention of his colleagues on the cult TV series “American family” for its hot photos, posted it on his page in Instagram.

Ариэль Уинтер приоткрыла закулисье съёмок «Американской семейки»

You can always count on the cast of “American family” to make you laugh as over their long series, and beyond. Ariel winter, 20 years, published in Instagram a photo of her with fellow Nolan Gould, 21, Rico Rodriguez, 21, and Ty Burrell, ‘ 52, at last, it seemed, was a bloody nose! “People, don’t worry, Ty fine,” assured Ariel fans as the title before adding, “It’s fake”. Ariel looked simply sensational in his humorous snap. The young actress wore a tight red long-sleeved top and jeans, while the rest of them had their own individual styles. Fans immediately noticed the beauty of Ariel, writing “You are so amazing”, and at the same time, the fans noted how she was better than her colleagues.

Are they twins?! Fans also saw the striking similarities between Nolan and popular superstar Shawn Mendes! They filled the comments section Ariel comments on how he and the singer “Stitches” look like. Most of her followers, however, agreed on how much they love this group of actors, and wrote about what this show has meant to them over the last decade. “My favorite program,” wrote one. Positive reviews were so numerous that it was very difficult to distinguish among them, the most pleasant.

Ariel and Nolan recently gave a party for his 21st birthday at Tao Las Vegas on 8 November. She looked incredibly beautiful in a simple blue dress that she wore for the celebration. The event was also attended by other actors about the same age, such as Sarah Gilman, 23, and Cody Christian, 24 years. Later, on November 17, she talked about a big celebration, which took place recently, sharing a bunch of their photos and signing his post: “the Younger brother turned 21 last month, so we obviously had to celebrate.”
Of course, the actors of “American family” is still a lot of hype since the show ends next year. The show has won several Emmys and a Golden globe, so maybe it will bring some surprises!