Arizona ripped off a jackpot of $410 million: why the winner will receive significantly less

One ticket lottery Mega Millions ticket sold in Arizona matched all six winning numbers in the draw on Tuesday 9 June. The holder of this ticket has hit the jackpot in the amount of $410 million, says CNBC.

В Аризоне сорван джекпот на $410 млн: почему победитель получит значительно меньше

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Although an unexpected win and can become a bonus, life-changing, the declared amount is not what actually will the winner get.

Regardless, does the jackpot annuity or lump sum, this amount will withhold Federal taxes and state taxes.

For this jackpot, the cash option — the choice of the majority of the winners is $316,8 million Required 24% of Federal taxes reduce that amount by $ 76 million.

After that will come in state taxes. Arizona withholding rate is 4.8%, this means that another $15.2 million from the account deduct.

In other words, cash option to $316,8 million will be reduced by $91.2 million, bringing the winner will receive $225,6 million to your Bank account.

But that’s not all.

The maximum marginal rate of income tax at the Federal level is 37%. If will not reduce the taxable income of the winner, such as large charitable contributions, 13%, or HK $41.2 million will be withheld by the IRS during the tax payment (this will be April 2021 for jackpots, announced in 2020).

In total, the IRS sent $117,2 million

In response to the reduction in purchase of tickets during a pandemic coronavirus representatives of Mega Millions announced that starting jackpots future games and also increase the jackpot, when in the draw there is no winner will be based on sales and interest rates, without fixing a minimum amount (the same solution adopted in Powerball).

The probability of winning the Mega Millions jackpot (it was restored to $20 thousand) one ticket is small: 1 to 302 million. For the Powerball — which now stands at $22 million — chances of winning the main prize a little higher: 1 292 million

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