Arnold Schwarzenegger in honor of the 35th anniversary of “the Terminator” has revealed some interesting facts about the project

Arnold Schwarzenegger in honor of the 35th anniversary since the outputs on the screens of “the Terminator” decided to reveal interesting facts about the project. Also in the vastness of the site Reddit, the actor revealed archival photos from the shooting of the tape.

Арнольд Шварценеггер в честь 35-летия "Терминатора" раскрыл интересные факты о проекте

In pictures, Schwarzenegger is presented as a young Terminator, and his face and hands covered in “blood” makeup. Shared star screens and unknown facts about the filming, including on the origin of the phrase “I’ll be back”. Instead, it was originally planned to use the expression “I will come back”, but the film’s Director James Cameron insisted on the reduction. Complained of “iron Arnie” and that the most difficult part for him was applying makeup. Sometimes it took four hours. To give the look of strangeness, was smeared eyebrows, and it seemed that on the face of the “robot” is no vegetation.
Schwarzenegger added that when filming “the Terminator,” no one even thought about what the popularity of this Thriller can find later.