Arnold Schwarzenegger increased the environmental friendliness of your vehicle Pinzgauer

Schwarzenegger acquired the military vehicle Pinzgauer this summer in Austria, spending $ 100,000 and immediately decided on a abgreyt, and influenced his decision was the meeting with eco-warrior Greta Thunberg, writes The Sun.

Арнольд Шварценеггер повысил экологичность своего автомобиля Pinzgauer

It is known that the star of “the Terminator” several times he flew to Germany to follow the alterations of the military monster, which is manufactured by S-Tec.

And skeptics immediately calculated that his flight more than doubled the standard amount of CO2 that is emitted by the average family car in the process of annual operation.

Only one return flight in first class from his native Los Angeles to Hamburg is the closest airport to the Albersdorf, where the company is based S-Tec produces a staggering of 11.84 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Pinzgauers are equipped with a standard 2.4-liter diesel engine D24T and consumes about 20 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. So 72-year-old Arnie and decided to equip your Pinzgauer engine with smaller displacement and thus increase its environmental friendliness.

It is now supposedly Pinzgauer meets the strict standards of California, but the environmentalists tend to blame the former Governor in liceenii, well, nothing bulky military vehicle does not fit the norms of sustainability.