Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about the relationship with his son Chris Pratt

Actor and politician has been a guest on talk shows Jimmy Kimmel and talked about his relationship with his son.

Арнольд Шварценеггер рассказал об отношениях с зятем Крисом Прэттом

During the program the presenter congratulated Schwarzenegger with the completion of the family — recently, actor Chris Pratt married his daughter Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger. Arnold called Chris “a great guy” and jokingly noted that at first saw him as a competitor.

Of course I’m very happy, yeah, Chris is a great guy, very talented and wonderful actor. But most importantly, he is very kind and is very good to my daughter — it’s important to me. Actually, I was shocked when my daughter first told me about it. I thought then: do you have that your guy was taller than me and bigger than me? Starred in more cool movies than me? Was making more money than me? What the hell?!

— Schwarzenegger said and laughed.

The politician said that he and Pratt are easily and quickly formed good friendships.

When we met, Chris immediately asked if we together to train. And I took it with me to the gym. He’s a strong guy. When I watched him was in the hall, felt proud of him

— said Arnold. He also noted that Pratt kept the tradition and asked Schwarzenegger the hand of his daughter. But for the bachelor party before the wedding of Kris Arnold was not invited.