Arrested for the kidnapping of his ex

Arrested for kidnapping ex

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A Brossard man suspected of having pretended to be a police officer to kidnap his ex-spouse six months ago in Ontario was finally arrested Tuesday afternoon, on the South Shore of Montreal.

Mohamad Lilo was escorted by Ontario Provincial Police officers to the Saint-Hubert airport.

Mohamad Lilo, 35, allegedly abducted his former girlfriend, Elnaz Hajtamiri, a 37-year-old Iranian immigrant on January 12, of whom we still have no news.

The Quebecer would have kidnapped her with the help of two other individuals disguised as police officers, claiming to have an arrest warrant against her. 

The trio had gone to family members in Wasaga Beach, about 150 kilometers north of Toronto.

This is where the victim had taken refuge after a first unsuccessful kidnapping attempt a month earlier.

Despite the strong protests of his relatives, the three men sequestered Elnaz Hajtamiri in an SUV white stolen before fleeing.

No ransom demand has been sent to his family and the reasons for his abduction remain unknown, according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

A little balm

Six months to the day after the disappearance of Elnaz Hajtamiri, her ex-husband Mohamad Lilo was arrested Tuesday in Brossard in connection with this case.

In view of the cameras which waiting for him at the airport, Lilo looked away and didn't comment.

Three OPP investigators were waiting for him at the Saint-Hubert airport to take him to court in Ontario.

The suspect is expected to be formally charged on Wednesday with kidnapping, attempted murder and attempted of abduction.

The family of the disappeared expressed their relief in a press release published at the end of the afternoon.

“These last months spent relentlessly looking for her have been difficult and painful. […] We hope that the arrest of this suspect will bring us closer to the moment when we find her, ”we can read. 

His ex-spouse, Elnaz Hajtamiri, has not been found since January.

Battled with a frying pan

Two of the charges against Lilo relate to an event that took place last December, a few months after the couple broke up.

Ms. Hajtamiri was then savagely beaten with a frying pan by two masked men.

The suspects fled after the intervention of a concerned citizen, police report.< /p>

The 30-year-old still needed around 40 stitches in her head following this violent assault, which took place in the parking lot of her condo building in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Two other people were charged in April in connection with the attempted kidnapping.

Riyasat Singh and Harshdeep Binner are also charged with attempting to kidnap the victim a few months earlier.

Under surveillance

Between these two events, Elnaz Hajtamiri appears to have been spied on day and night.

A tracking device was discovered under Ms. Hajtamiri's vehicle during the subsequent police investigation, according to one of the his cousins ​​to CBC News.

The national broadcaster was also able to confirm that Mohamad Lilo had hired a private detective to track his ex-spouse in the days preceding her abduction.

Lilo has previously been charged with uttering death threats on January 11, 2022, the day before Ms. Hajtamiri was kidnapped and stalking her.

Anyone holding information about this abduction can call the anonymous line 1-833-728-3415.

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