Arrested head of the information Department of the RCMP (PHOTO)

Арестован начальник информационного отдела RCMP (ФОТО)

Appeared unconfirmed information that the chief of the intelligence unit of the RCMP was arrested, he was charged with.

The charges against Cameron Ortiz (Cameron Ortis) Criminal code and the law on information protection.

In a statement, the RCMP stated that these allegations “related to his activities during the tenure of the officer RCMP”.

Ortiz is accused of:
Article 14 (1) of the Act On the protection of information
Article 22(1) (b) of the act On the protection of information
Article 22(1) (e) of the law On protection of information
Article 122 of the Criminal code
Article 342.1(1) of the Criminal code

These accusations relate, in particular, unauthorized leaks of confidential information and breach of trust and unauthorized computer use.

Other charges refer to “obtaining, maintaining or providing access” to information and use of the device, “used for concealing the content of information or for surreptitiously communicating, obtaining or retaining information.”

Two of these charges based on article of the law “On information protection”, which refers to actions that precede “the transfer of information to another state”.

In the event of his conviction, he faces up to 33 years in prison.

Ortiz must appear at the courthouse of Ottawa at 2 p.m. on Friday, but the case will likely be postponed.

Sources said that the investigation was extensive and that Ortiz was arrested Thursday in Ottawa.

He defended his doctoral thesis at the University of British Columbia cyber security in East Asia, and in his LinkedIn profile States that he speaks Mandarin and worked as an Advisor to the government of Canada for 12 years.

In Canada this arrest is the latest in a series of arrests classified as an internal threat.

The second person of the canadian armed forces, Vice-Admiral mark Norman, was accused of facilitating the leak in 2015, but in may, the prosecutors stopped the proceedings, citing a lack of evidence.

In 2011, the officer of naval intelligence Jeffrey Delil was caught selling secrets to the Russian Embassy in Ottawa. He was sentenced to 20 years, but released on PAROLE.

RCMP have arrested Quinn Quentin Huang in 2013 for attempting to pass secret information concerning the canadian patrol ships to the Chinese government.

He worked at Lloyd’s Register Canada, which was a subcontractor to Irving Shipbuilding for the design phase of the canadian Arctic patrol ships.