Arsen Avakov announced the launch of system of automatic fixing of infringements on roads

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that in the near future, Ukraine will start the system auto-commit violations on the road pictures and videos.

Арсен Аваков анонсировал запуск системы автоматической фиксации нарушений на дорогах

About this Avakov said in a blog on “Ukrainian truth”.

According to him, at the moment there is a final test of the fitting system, and then start a transition period of 45 days, when drivers will only report the violations, as well as to warn about the presence of cameras on the road.

“Laws and regulations are ready. Conduct final technical tests. In the coming days we will announce the beginning of the transition period – the first 45 days camera photo and video fixation will work in the mode of informing and warning”, – stressed the Minister.

In addition Avakov said that after the transitional period will come to complete the work of the system and violators on Ukrainian roads will begin to receive fines. He stressed that this is the only way to reduce the number of deaths on the roads.

“Then the full procedure of fines and penalties with increasing number of cameras across the country… It’s a little uncomfortable after decades of “freemen” – but this is the only way to reduce the number of deaths on the roads”, – said the interior Minister.

Thus Avakov published statistics of the deaths on the roads, according to which only in 2019 in the country have died as a result of traffic violations 3.5 thousand people.