Arsen Mirzoyan presented the new video for “Neznaya”, in which he withdrew his daughter

Recently Arsen Mirzoyan presented a joint track with the leader of the group “SKAY” — “Graskova weapon”. Today was the long awaited premiere of the clip of Arsene — “Neznaya”. The shooting took place in July at the coal storage. Then came months of painstaking editing and post production to create the effect of presence on this planet.

Арсен Мирзоян представил новый клип «Незнайомці», в котором снял свою дочь

The clip is more like a fiction film, naveela the viewer the Association with Mars or the movies “Annihilate”, “interstellar”. Which in principle is not contradicted the author:

To this clip I have a special relationship. It was given to us is not easy. Removed at a temperature of 35 degrees, it was very hot, bottom hot, coal was added us of the atmosphere“, — says Director Oleg Borshevsky.

Arsen Mirzoyan — “Neznaya”

Arsen Mirzoyan: “In my understanding, this is the story of the man who, like every person, your space, your world. And he tries to tame the world that is not yet known to them“.

By the way, the clip starred the daughter of Arsen Mirzoyan little Nina Matvienko.

The song “Neznaya” is the new album of the artist “Great”, presentation of which will take place on November 26 in Kiev “Palace of Ukraine”.