Artem Oganesyan at the mercy of 'Crazy' Jardon

Artem Oganesyan at the mercy of «Crazy» Jardon


Eye of the Tiger Management protege Artem Oganesyan was obsessed with the relentless onslaught of Dante “Crazy” Jardon Thursday at the Cabaret du Casino de Montreal. 

Oganesyan (13-1, 11 KOs) bowed out by unanimous decision of the judges. He thus ceded his North American Boxing Federation (NABF) super-welterweight belt and suffered his first professional defeat.  

Jardon (35-8, 25 K. -O.), veteran of 43 professional fights who recently fought in England and Russia, did not want to know anything about the role of extra, as soon as the hostilities started. His powerful hook sent the Armenia native to the ground in the first round.

“Crazy” Jardon lived up to his nickname by applying sustained pressure on his rival and multiplying the assaults while 'Oganesyan waited for his moment… which never came.

The Mexican proved his great resistance to blows and his exemplary physical form, keeping his vis-à-vis in a corner for the overwhelming majority of the fight.

Recall that in his last fight , Oganesyan had triumphed following the abandonment of Frenchman Stéphane Danyo, who had also not made the weight.

In short

In a hotly contested fight where the defense was not in the spotlight, Montrealer Hamza Khabbaz (4-0, 1 KO) beat Mexican Marco Chino Villa (3-7) by unanimous decision.

Quebecer Luis Santana (6-0, 2 K.-O.) took up the biggest challenge of his young professional career by inflicting a first defeat on Mexican Sergio Hernandez Cruz (8- 1-1, 6 KOs) by unanimous decision.

Montrealer Avery Martin-Duval (7-0-1, 4 KOs) got his money's worth against the Mexican Luis Reyes Carmona (9-2-1, 2 K.-O.), but still convinced each of the judges to award him the victory.