Artem Pivovarov presented a new hit “2000”

On Friday, September 20, Artem Pivovarov presented a new song called “2000” and the clip on it. Traditionally, for the actor track was released on two languages: Russian and Ukrainian.

Артём Пивоваров презентовал новый хит «2000»

The heroes of the video were the participants of the project “Top model in Ukrainian” Sergei stone and Malvina, and also a judge this season Vova Demchinsky (Dastich Fantastich), who also participated in the creation of an image of Artem.

Filming lasted over 10 hours. Directed by Taras Golubkov, who was filming the last video of Artem.

“While working on the song we decided to experiment a bit with the arrangement and try to collect all the best of the music of those times, because it combines a lot of musical features inherent in the early 2000s. the Most vivid are my memories and memories of my team, the friends associated with the two thousandth, so this song is about us, about our youth. The machine symbolizes the time that passes while the music takes us to the memories”-

Artem said.

For a quality frame and security the entire period of shooting the gun carriage escorted by the police car.

Artem Pivovarov — 2000: Russian version

Artem Pivovarov — 2000: Ukrainian version

Now Artem Pivovarov is actively preparing for a big solo concert “Earth” in Kiev, which will take place on 16 November in the capital club Atlas. The track “2000” will be one of the main concert and will be on the next album of the artist.