As a Ukrainian immigrant followed the son of woody Allen by order of Harvey Weinstein

American the story of an emigrant from Ukraine Igor Ostrovsky worthy of a spy novel. Igor came to the USA still a minor, was educated in America and began working as a private detective in new York. As a result, he became embroiled in a history of spying on American reporter on the orders of film producer Harvey Weinstein, exposed the dubious activities of Israeli organizations in the U.S., and is now going to help journalists who are victims of harassment and threats.

Как украинский иммигрант следил за сыном Вуди Аллена по приказу Харви Вайнштейна

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Espionage or spying?

Early in his detective career, Igor worked mostly “undercover”, embedded in different organizations, where you had to identify illegal activity. In 2011, he met with a colleague in the detective business, Novel, Khaikin.

One day affair shared with a friend that started working for some company, about which little is said Igor, drop only that “working for Israel”.

Soon the novel told the partner that they have to follow the journalist. The goal was the famous investigative journalist, the son of film Director woody Allen, author of the New Yorker magazine Ronan Farrow. Detectives tracked all movement and encounter “object”, followed by the location of his cell phone to calculate a route.

Как украинский иммигрант следил за сыном Вуди Аллена по приказу Харви Вайнштейна

225 West 60th Street — one of the places where the detectives waited for Farrow. Photo from the personal archive of Igor Ostrovsky

Contact with the victim

A man who hired a “Black box” to spy on journalists was the controversial Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. It is the investigation of sexual harassment attributed to a movie producer, and was engaged in Farrow and other journalists, which set up surveillance.

The detective decided to warn about ongoing U.S. law enforcement agencies. However, his attempts to contact the FBI were not successful. After 40 minutes of waiting one of the staff of the new York office agreed to talk to him, but at the end of the conversation said that he sees the events of a crime.

“I began to ask the advice of friends, sought a lawyer, but I had no money to pay for his services. Realizing that my story is not important to anyone, I figured I would be contacted by a journalist and to confirm his suspicions about the fact that he really watched. I didn’t think we had the right to do it, and it was the least I could do in this situation. I was grateful for what America gave me, and I didn’t like that someone is attacking the legitimate right of the residents of my country,” – said Igor Ostrovsky.

He contacted Ronan Farrow, first with anonymous telephone numbers and then in person. The meeting with the journalist was reminiscent of a spy film – conspirators met in secret for fear of being followed, and then departed from the meeting alone.

The threat of failure

The successful work of Igor Ostrovsky’s “double agent” I interrupted suddenly: one day a customer asked him to conduct surveillance in the restaurant during the meeting the employee of the “Black cube” “under cover” by John Scott-Altona, researcher of the security group the Citizen Lab, which also worked “Black cube”.

However, John was careful and invited his friend, Associated Press reporter Raphael Sutter. It is the Sutter helped Scott to Railton to expose the spy from the Israeli company, without any connection with Igor Ostrovsky. However, the problem was that the “Black cube” began to look for a possible leak, and demanded all the employees who knew about the surgery with John Scott-Altona, to take a polygraph.

“I had nothing to do with this case, but take the polygraph still could not, because then it would become evident my relationship with Ronan Farrow and the fact that I gave him information on the other cases. By the way, Rafael Sutter himself told this story to Ronan. As it turned out, the failure of the “Black cube” was due to the fact that they used the same roles and “legends” with different people. However, their victims were familiar with each other and warned each other, so the methods of work of the company was known to some of their “objects” in advance”, – shared the secret Igor.

Как украинский иммигрант следил за сыном Вуди Аллена по приказу Харви Вайнштейна

Peninsula Hotel, where he was meeting John Scott-Railton and agent Black Cube. Photo from the personal archive of Igor Ostrovsky

The result of Ostrovsky refused to undergo the polygraph and broke off relations with the “Black cube” – a benefit that the official contract with the company he was not, and all interaction with them was through Roman Chaikin. Ronan Farrow helped the former enemy to find a free lawyer in the company’s Whistleblower anti – special Agency for assistance to government whistle-blowers.

Igor says: despite the fact that at the beginning of his story was not taken seriously by the authorities, and he could not find adequate help, he was not disappointed in America.

Those who got in trouble in the US and fears that were involved in illegal activity, Igor Ostrovsky advised to seek assistance depending on the situation. Sometimes effective can be an appeal to the press, sometimes, if we are talking about disclosing someone else’s crimes or suspected that you were involved in illegal activity, you can refer to the company Whistleblower Aid – especially if we are talking about corruption in state agencies.

Hero material refused to publish his photo, as often is working “undercover” and would not like the appearance of his face in the press.


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