As climbing stairs help to lose weight

We all know that the diet will not work without a complex exercise. There is training, the performance of which do not have to go to the gym.

Как подъем по лестнице помогает худеть

Cardio. In accordance with the recommendations of the experts, person should include 150 minutes of moderately intense cardio per week. For example, you can get up and down the stairs instead of using the Elevator. By the way, climbing stairs reduces stress, improves mood, improves mobility and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Improving the shape. Climbing stairs requires the active tension of the different muscles of the legs and feet. It feet help to bear weight of the body, and from their work much depends. If you regularly train them and thereby increase the mineral density of bones in the lower part of the body, is also beneficial operate on the spine.

Athletic performance. If improving athletic performance is included in your plans, be sure to frequently climb the stairs. With the variety of exertion trains almost all of the body that helps to lose weight. 20 minutes of climbing the stairs is enough to achieve very good performance.

The decrease in body mass. For those 20 minutes can burn 180 calories. And it is only in day and week so you can lose weight nearly 500 g. You can burn and the more weight, if you take the stairs more time. Don’t forget to stick to a healthy diet.

The increase in lung volume. A very important parameter, which affects various aspects of life. Over time, the volume of air that we can breathe into the lungs, is reduced, we get tired quicker. But the workout on the stairs allow this process to slow down and even reverse.