“As for white, is dancing very well”: the Network has delighted rousing parrot…

"Как для белого, танцует очень хорошо": Сеть привел в восторг зажигательный танец попугая...

Parrots are birds that invariably touches people, especially when they behave like a man — a fun chat, ask questions and answer them.

In happy lead birds and in that case, when you show exceptional ability to sing and dance, finding rhythm and melody. Then any spectator for the whole day is guaranteed a charge of vivacity.

For example, last week in Twitter account Animal Forum in the Internet appeared the video with the birds dancing to popular and lively melody. However, he listens to the music and nods.

Also the bird in the video makes rhythmic movements, stretches its wings, and even nods to so music.

At the end of his dance, he even tries to spin and slide on the table.

Readers microblog was delighted by the antics of the birds.

“As for the white birds dance very well”, “the bird has better rhythm than my husband”, “Dancing better than me! Will have to take his dancing lessons!”, “Such a funny bird”, write affectionate users.

As previously reported “FACTS” that come for the amusing chatter and the “dance-shmantsy” — not only the talents of the birds. Sometimes their ability is much deeper — in the USA, even the parrot helped solve the murder of his master! And in the Netherlands were placed in jail the parrot, who “stood guard” during the robbery.

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