As half of a house in San Francisco sell a Parking space at a fabulous price

San Francisco, as you know, an expensive city and this space, which sold for $ 100,000, will cost its new owner for almost half the cost of the average American home, writes Business Insider.

Как полдома: в Сан-Франциско продают парковочное место за баснословную сумму

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Place on a closed Parking in the heart of South beach in San Francisco was put up for sale in mid-December, and the price is, actually, not so amazing. Realtor bill Williams says that another place in the same Parking lot was sold for us $ 90,000 in November.

In the announcement of the sale of Williams emphasizes the favorable location of the place: “Great Parking space for customers-investors, one block from the stadium!”

The announcement also begins with the call “Park your money” (“Park your money”).

“This is a safe place to Park your money — Williams said. This can be a good protection against falling stock market.”

Как полдома: в Сан-Франциско продают парковочное место за баснословную сумму

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The number 140 in the Parking lot may be a reasonable investment, given that the current owners rent this space for $ 300 per month.

And if the buyer somehow decides that he has found the deal of the century — a great price for an apartment with Parking spaces — in the ad it States: “To be clear: this is only for Parking”.

Apartment with one bedroom in the same building was recently put up for sale at a reasonable price for San Francisco — 849 000 dollars, and has already been sold in February for an undisclosed final amount. However, in this case, Parking included in the price.

The average home value in is $226 $ 800, according to Business Insider. Total cost is cheaper house in West Virginia ($166 488), the most expensive in Hawaii ($635 000). California ranks third in the cost of the average home value in the state — $549 900.



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