As in house conditions to prepare a mask for the beauty of hair and body


Coffee grounds contain many of nutrients and it can make a great hair mask. Or body scrub, which not only cleanse the skin but also give it a light tan.

Как в домашних условиях приготовить маску для красоты волос и тела

Coffee is not only delicious and healthy drink, rich in antioxidants, but also a great tool for home care for face, body and hair. Coffee grounds can be used as a nourishing scrub for face and body. For body you can use coffee any grind, but for the face, especially if you have sensitive skin, will only fit small – so as not to injure the skin.

The coffee grounds add a little of your cleanser or oil for the needs of the skin. Body scrub can be prepared with any shower gel. This scrub not only cleanse the skin and nourish it, but will give a slight tan.

Hair mask from coffee will only fit brunette to blonde, especially dyed, a mask can ruin the tint. What can such a mask? Make the hair shiny and silky, thoroughly clean the scalp, strengthen the roots and hair, stimulate their growth.

For the preparation of masks for hair need to add the coffee grounds ingredients at your discretion: burdock oil, a raw egg, a tablespoon of brandy. To create a mask you can use whatever healthy oil including olive or use as the basis for the familiar hair.

It is not necessary to store the prepared mask or scrub – use them immediately.

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