As in the movie “Groundhog Day”: a girl wakes up every morning in June 11

Как в фильме «День сурка»: девочка каждый день просыпается в 11 июня

A girl from the us state of Illinois wakes up every morning, confident that today, 11 June. Her life is similar to the plot of the famous film “Groundhog Day”, the hero is stuck in time.

It all began after the trauma, Riley Horner received when it accidentally struck on the head. It happened on June 11. And now, according to the newspaper People, she doesn’t remember what happened before that day and after.

Initially she was diagnosed with a concussion. However, the case was more serious. Memory girls “rebooted” every couple of hours. During the day she can no longer remember what I was doing in the morning. She is forced to constantly carry a notebook, not being able to even remember where the school is a locker with her things.

“I have no new memories. And I’m really scared,” says Riley.

The girl’s parents in despair. Doctors can’t explain the reason for the unusual amnesia. Surveys do not reveal any abnormalities in the body.

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