As Kolomoisky earned on the resale of coal

To the management of the state “Centrenergo” comes the management loyal to oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Как Коломойский заработал на перепродаже угля

This is stated in the story “NAS Groshi” Alice Yurchenko for — reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

“When the oligarchs need to protect their influence and business from the Russian Federation — it is financed by volunteers and puts on a mask of a patriot. But when Russia becomes more profitable to trade rather than fight that his style completely changed,” the statement reads.

After the change of leadership “Tsentrenergo” to “more convenient” for public funds starts to buy Russian coal. And some of this coal is probably out of quasisecurity “DNR”. and this coal at a premium to the state to resell the company’s orbit Kolomoisky.

It is noted that the Ukrainian miners do not have to pay salaries, as this coal is not buying.

As noted in the comment to journalists, the ex-Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk asked about replacement of the head “Tsentrenergo” Vladimir Potapenko, the decision on personnel shifts was accepted due to the fact that the officer included in the group of influence Kolomoisky.

“When the government is trying to change the leadership “Tsentrenergo”, Kolomoisky first courts is delaying, and then just takes out the whole office is barricaded in a sanatorium near Kiev,” — said in the investigation.

As a result, Ukraine spends millions which subsequently go into the pockets of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in the Russian budget, and even fall to the separatists “DNR”.