As mother and daughter: Naomi watts out walking with his young son

Naomi watts, like many other Western celebrities, loyal to the desire of the boy to wear clothes, which, traditionally, is an attribute of the opposite sex. So now he grows long hair and long prefers pants to dresses and skirts.

Как мама и дочь: Наоми Уоттс на прогулке с младшим сыном

First noticed him in “weird” clothes when he was dressed as Harley Quinn to visit in this largest festival of comics. Since then the boy always attracts attention to your clothes, and have recently discovered the world of jewelry. So, the other day while he is out with his mother for a walk, put on wrist colorful hair bands on the neck ― beads made of shells, and the leg bracelet with pendants.

It is also clear that he often prefers clothes of pink color, for example, a turtleneck or a jacket. Any discomfort his appearance causes neither Naomi watts nor he himself, but the paparazzi are constantly hunting for pictures of star families, hoping to show the public the new outfits of the boy.

Naomi herself has not commented on the freedom of the child’s choice of clothing and accessories, because we can only guess, does Sammy like a girl or just likes dresses. However, many Internet users are seriously alarmed about his mental health, and moreover, they fear that a boy in a dress is a serious challenge to the well-being of all mankind.