As multitasking is destroying our brains

The word “multitasking” has now become an indispensable item in the summary of the modern professionals. The accelerated pace of life makes us think about everything at once and manage to do several things at once. While most people think this rhythm is the only way to achieve success, scientists are sounding the alarm: the desire to become a Julius Caesar destroys our brain!

Как работа в режиме многозадачности разрушает наш мозг

Every time we execute another task from the list, in the body produces dopamine, the “pleasure hormone”. To get behind the efforts of as many “rewards”, we bend over backwards trying to perform maximum tasks simultaneously. But few who realize how much the pursuit of success exhausts the brain. It is no coincidence that people mnogozadachnosti often complain of poor memory, loss of energy, increased anxiety and exhaustion.

To study this phenomenon, scientists from the University of Michigan conducted an experiment involving 300 students and found out that if we are distracted for 3 seconds, the number of errors increases in 2 times. Inattention not only reduces the chances of success, but also becomes a threat to others. Just imagine an inattentive surgeon or a bus driver!

Scientists say that actually people do several things at once – they just shift focus. The reason is that our brain is able to process only a limited number of incentives over time. The prefrontal cortex, responsible for decision-making and planning behavior, works on the principle of multi-channel phone: when one channel is involved, the information on another channel in consciousness does not come.

How to stop trying to do everything at once

Because in the modern world of multitasking to avoid is unlikely to succeed, at least you can try to protect yourself from her negative influence.

Find a job that helps to re-connect with themselves and the outside world. It can be a walk in the Park during your lunch break or writing a book of favorite quotes. Thus it is better to disconnect from the Internet, to not be tempted to check your messages and notifications in the smartphone.

In the fight against the negative effects of multitasking very effectively help asynchronous exercises. For example, try simultaneously with the left hand to rotate back and the right forward. The first time such an asynchronous body movements are difficult. You literally feel like straining your brain. This is their use: the exercise promotes new neural connections that help to focus better on one task and be more productive at work.