As NBU solves the problem with the shortage of foreign currency

The Deputy head of the NBU Oleg Churiy stated that the national Bank of Ukraine solves the problem with the shortage of foreign currency.

Как НБУ решает проблему с дефицитом наличной иностранной валюты

As RBC-Ukraine, he said this at a briefing.

According to Curia banks at the beginning of the current week is not enough cash because of problems that have been associated with air travel.

“We got a solution to this problem and has provided banks with a sufficient number of banknotes in Euro”, — he stressed.

Cure also noted that the national Bank held yesterday the first auction and sold to the banks EUR 36 million by offering 100 million euros to banks.

According to him, today they will hold another auction already for 200 million Euro sale of cash Euro-cash Euro. He stressed that the auctions continue next week.

Deputy head of the NBU also said that the negotiations about the delivery of cash dollar from the United States are in the active phase. “We hope that in the near future we will be able to deliver a large shipment of cash dollar, to enable the banks to meet the needs of the population”.