As not to undermine the health if you are in constant stress?

Short short stress is not dangerous for the body — we are adapted by nature. But prolonged stress, which for some becomes a way of life is a serious thing. The doctors from St. Petersburg warn — chronic stress leads to the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular pathologies, depression and even cancer. These four ways will help you to reduce stress.

Как не подорвать здоровье, если вы находитесь в постоянном стрессе?

Dine in the workplace

The main source of stress is work overload, establishing relationships with colleagues, conflicts and misunderstanding with the authorities. Dine alone or with a colleague that you really enjoyable. Do not rush and do not engage at this time of the business.

Easy physical exercises

When it comes to fitness, many argue in the “all or nothing”. This is fundamentally the wrong approach — it will be an additional source for stress. Daily walks in the fresh air or indoor activities in a relaxed pace will make your body filled with endorphins.

Don’t be afraid to go to a psychologist if the nerves at the end

Even if you feel that you are coping, even the last effort — it is better not to pull. The reason is simple — stress is a trigger for self-destructive behavior. For example, under stress people often drink alcohol, smoke, or agree to try drugs. To avoid this, you need to find inner sources of strength and balance, and without the psychologist it is very difficult to do. A drug rehab can get one back to the normal track. There are plenty of good inpatient mental health treatment centers.

Do not identify yourself with the work

Many people try like the authorities, seem more active compared to peers and processed. But, as a rule, is meaningless and leads to better results, as it depletes the body. If you reduce the load to a more comfortable, stress reduced by itself.