As presidential candidates in the U.S. use food as advertising

For the candidate for presidents of the United States to go to the people and to personally communicate with their constituents in the province — one of the essential points of the campaign. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

Как кандидаты в президенты США используют еду в качестве рекламы

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To find a common language to a man of high politics and ordinary Americans often helps the food. Andrew young, recently claim a place in the White house, at the fair in Iowa, surrounded by his supporters tried favorite all American snack.

Michael Bloomberg, a candidate from new York and one of the world’s richest people lately likes to come in a modest cafe, what reports regularly in their social networks. Institution candidates choose the most different, the main thing that the menu was simple and cheap.

“So they are trying to show that they like everything they are a simple people, though they go in costume and live in Washington and drive an expensive car, but they are the same people as all the simple and eating simple food,” says Olga Kamenchuk, a sociologist at the University of Ohio.

Liners — the ultimate in USA cheap eateries — is also in the list of favorite places for meetings with voters.

Not spared their attention and democratic candidate Pete Buttidzhich. Such visits are always accompanied by the press, because they immediately have to report the news.

Ben Smith the owner of a cafe in des Moines (ia), where according to tradition held the first intra-party Caucus meetings. Politicians Ben used, candidates always come to eat at his cafe. Ben says that the book is usually the most simple food — fried meat with potatoes.

“We are not closing when we come to politics, they eat together with everyone, the more it is asked of journalists who shoot lunch candidates. They want the lively atmosphere that the belongings were with the common people,” says Ben.

In election campaigns the food can serve as a message to all the people, and for separate groups of voters. Buttidzhich to gain the trust of African Americans, which he’s not the most popular candidate, went on lunch with al Spatula, an activist for the rights of blacks. The meeting was held in the legendary restaurant “Sylvia”, located in new York’s Harlem.

Another democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren also won’t miss an opportunity miss an opportunity to talk about their food preferences.

My favorite “simple” meal she called the chips and guacamole.

Sometimes these Lunches is indicative of candidates not end as planned. The politicians are accused of insincerity and attempts to flirt with the audience. And one bad frame can become an occasion for jokes on the Internet.