As the deficit of the Pension Fund can affect the payout to retirees

Pension Fund of Ukraine declared about its budget deficit, which may result in problems with payment of pensions.

Как дефицит Пенсионного фонда может отразиться на выплате пенсионерам

As the Wave passes, it writes

“He is known to be formed from part of a Single social contribution, which is paid by business, but here is the problem. Because the budget is formed below the plan,” the message reads.

It is noted that in may the budget was to do the 12.7 billion UAH, and it’s only 10.2 billion UAH, that is, the arrears amounted to UAH 2.5 billion. And from the beginning of 2020 the deficit even more – UAH 8.9 billion: it should be 108,2 billion UAH, and was only 99,3 billion.

It is emphasized that all these figures in the pension Fund does not comment on, only put on the public information on Facebook and everything. “However, the hint is clear, everyone knows where it may lead. Any shortfall will be covered by loans of the state Treasury, which receives PF regularly. Either the money simply will not, and will cause interruptions with payments of pensions in the country. Openly about it prefer not to say, however, our elderly, unfortunately, have no time so experienced”.

It is also noted that the reasons for the failure to plan for ERUs are understandable, because the business stopped because of the quarantine, and stopped to earn. In this regard, and good forecasts for this part will not. this is due to the fact that the representatives of companies from different sectors openly say that not even hope to restore full operation after the easing of the quarantine imposed because of the spread of coronavirus and even after its complete abolition. In addition, many businesses will open up only 30-50% of their units and capacities, and some do not open.

“Ukrainian producers are directly dependent on the demand for their products. And he fell to a minimum due to the low solvency of the population. Someone already don’t have enough money to live on, and those who have them – most save because they do not believe in the future. How the government will stimulate demand for goods and services, and how it plans to support the company — is unclear. Officials cost generic language, and a clear action plan with appropriate timetable to achieve them is impossible”, – stated in the message.