As the disease Kylie Jenner has caused losses of millions of dollars in the fashion house Balmain

The popularity and status of the youngest billionaire in the world according to Forbes made Kylie Jenner the desired object for fashion brands. A year ago, Balmain agreed with the star about the collaboration — a joint production of cosmetics that was supposed to go on sale in the midst of fashion Week in Paris. The other day Kylie was supposed to fly to the show of the brand and to present there the results of their work. However, on the show, Jenner did not appear.

Как болезнь Кайли Дженнер повлекла многомиллионные потери в модном доме Balmain

Kylie knock out the flu and a few days before the show she alerted the management of the brand, that he cannot appear in Paris. What it turned out, said an insider from the staff of Balmain’s edition of Page Six:

Kylie was supposed to arrive before the show, to be personally present when applying make-up models. But a few days before the show canceled their participation, informing about the disease. Balmain worked on this campaign for over a year. It was a huge deal, which spent millions of dollars. When Kylie announced that the Balmain team was in chaos. They begged her to do something and to come, because they lost the main star of the show.

Fashion Week Kylie did not come, being in the hospital with complications from the flu. Balmain representatives expressed hope that the incident will not affect the sales line, which started on September 27. By the way, Kylie herself has successfully overcome the illness, yesterday she was spotted at the wedding reception his friends Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.