As the principal psychological causes of excess weight

Not worth it to build a meal in the cult.

The stereotypes associated with food is one of the major psychological causes of excess weight.

Названа главная психологическая причина лишнего веса

This was reported by well-known nutritionist Svetlana FUS on his page in Instagram. According to her, there are so many families in which the process of eating is elevated to a cult.

“One of the main psychological causes of excess weight are the stereotypes associated with the food,” she wrote.

The nutritionist added that in families where food becomes a cult, there are such problems in several generations. But the inheritance is transmitted in a specific direction, not weight.

FUS made a list of things specific to these families:

Food has a special significance.
Created whole rituals associated with meals. The opportunity to discuss important topics and to intimacy appears only during meals.
In such families there is a rule of “clean plates” and food should be disposed of.
And the child gets used to the fact that it needs to be fed, regardless of the desires or needs.