As the understanding of the needs of immigrants in the United States helped the Ukrainian to build neskolkometrovuyu business

The Stach Wozniak 29 years old, he is from Vinnytsia region. In 2018 he became the co-founder of Cargofy in the USA — service for self-employed truckers that helps them to find the goods, arrange the documentation and solve the problems on the road. In the first year of the startup earned $2.7 million and was in the top thousand fastest growing companies according to Inc. 5000. Stach told “Voice of America” that contributed to the growth of his business and the opportunity in front of him opened up the United States.

Как понимание потребностей иммигрантов в США помогло украинцу построить несколькомиллионный бизнес

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“First we start in Ukraine and was one of the first who started to use this model: a mobile app that was called Tona, digitalization in the field of logistics,” says Stach.

But seeing that competitors that ran after them were in the States, grew much faster, Stach and his team knew it was time to enter the international market is an important access to capital. So started to rebuild the strategy to enter the American market.

Prior to that they over five years working in logisticsc (check my site for the best services), but the starting point Cargofy is 2017. The company then started to look for some support, because he knew nothing about the American market, and found acceleration program in Iowa — Iowa Startup Accelerator.

“They helped to make the first steps, we came to them, they have started to acquaint with entrepreneurs. And it all started,” says Stach.

The company’s first steps

“Three or four months we just adapted, because when we arrived, we didn’t understand when we were joking, because the difference in mentality, there is a certain barrier that is difficult to pass. Every day it became easier, more comfortable to be in the United States — says Stach. In the first few months the pressure was abnormal, from the stress I sometimes found it difficult to sleep, went to bed and was able to five hours in bed, because there were a lot of ideas, fears, we put at stake everything, because the American market is much more capital, and it is clear that in the first day, no there were no investors in the queue to us, none of us knew.”

Among the challenges they had to face from the beginning, the first — documents.

“When you’re moving, you’re like “EuroBLECH” in Ukraine without the status, the rights of some, and obtaining these documents is a complicated process,” says Wozniak.

Second — Finance, cost of living is several times higher. And third adaptation of linguistic, cultural, it was also necessary to understand local laws.

But when you get past it, adapt have access to one of the largest markets in the world, capital, people, so it’s worth it.

What is unique about US?

“We orientirueshsya most immigrants because we are immigrants, we know their pain barriers and understand that when you come to the States, you have no credit history, no knowledge of language at the appropriate level, to conduct some negotiations, and everything it’s hard to start, so we simplify the process,” says Stach. Such drivers around 100,000, if we have 10% of this market, it will Cargofy unicorn”.

Unicorn company — the so-called private startup, which is estimated at over a billion dollars, as the market is large enough.

After living in the States Stach understand which way the States went through to accomplish this. To compare Ukraine and the United States is like a startup at an early stage and the large Corporation. The USA is a magnet that attracts the best talent from around the world with promotion and export of culture, all grow up on American ideas, their ideology.

Ukraine has its advantages, as there is a sufficient level of freedom, there is no such regulation, but the downsides are many. Ukraine as an investor have invested in the people they studied, was educated, made up of 18-20 years and went from there. Ukraine is losing the most valuable thing she has, and it’s not black, and people.

And the States is the opposite, they did everything that these people came to him, realized. It is a country of such immigrants, they were before and experience a duty to help new, and this entire culture.

American decentralization

“I’m from Kalinovka that in Vinnytsia region, we have the office, and we in this city have a lot of plans. When I moved to Iowa, we were also in a small town like cedar rapids, and our first investor has changed this town. He has done a lot: opened a large grocery market square for events that are sold there are generally very many objects, although it all began with an IT company. And I really liked this approach because I saw that the society that they built, adds value to their business,” says Stach.

Now Stach wants to make something similar for the Ukrainian part, the company wants to make the city even more infrastructure, that is fully reinvest the entire resource of the Ukrainian operations to show that in Ukraine, too it is possible to do something similar.

The company received this grant from USAID to develop the city, we have obligations, we need to create jobs, and basically, everything goes according to plan, despite the quarantine.

Business support in the USA and in Ukraine

Before the coronavirus, the company focused on remote workers, respectively, in fact nothing much has changed, and in terms of logistics, some commodity groups were positive, some of them grew up, therefore, all the more compensated.

Of course, in the States there is more support to be allocated to small businesses in order to survive the crisis. In Ukraine, it is not much settled, there were moments when Fear has rented several offices, the owner of one of them refused to give a discount at the time of the crisis.

What is the main advantage of the United States?

“For me the American dream is the transformation of me under these values of American society. When we arrived in Silicon valley to see how quickly companies move, how fast ideas are tested, we felt that we are still at a low level of development, and how much we still have to go, says Stach. — When you see such examples, that rivalry, mutual development, it is much easier to believe in the possibility of implementing and building a large company than to read articles, sitting in Ukraine”.


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