As the utility cheat in the payment

In Ukraine, their results gave the campaign for the reduction of tariffs, for the third month are power.

Как коммунальщики хитрят в платежках

This writes

It is noted that “Naftogaz” reports regularly about the latest drop in gas prices, and the enterprises Teplokommunenergo “CTV) cheerfully put up in the receipts discounts. But the amount of the payment to continue to grow, even despite the warm weather. In this regard gathered scheme, which allowed CTV to cheat an extra penny on consumers.

Based on the results of the KIIS survey, which was conducted 21-25 February, 46% of respondents indicated that paid in January for utility services morethan in January 2019. The other 25% said that the amount has not changed, and only 14% noticed a relief. Besides, has increased by half and the share of expenditures on housing in the family budget, because if in November over half of the expenses spent 14% of Ukrainians in January — already on 21%.

Thus, the results of the survey in question has put the effectiveness of the authorities in the struggle for the reduction of tariffs. Where is the receipt to look for the catch?

Change housing

It is noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the area of the house, which is listed in the payment. Because the apartments in which no counter, pay for services on the basis of the area of the house, in connection with this modification affects the final amount in the receipt. Where the consumption for one apartment will change the virtual and the amount in the payment in turn will increase it is quite possible, although the rate will remain unchanged.

For example, the area of the house on Anna Akhmatova str., 35A in the payment for December was 15 056,6 sq m, but in January was five times reduced up to 2 983,9 sq. m.

Such manipulation of numbers and allows different ways to calculate the amount of heat consumption by tenants, which do not have counters.

Racing power

In different parts of Ukraine in January house counters were suddenly recorded a sharp jump in the heat of the Ukrainians.

Thus, the residents of the above house noted that the Director of JV”Energosbyt” KP “Kievteploenergo” Konstantin Lopatin showed them the data of heat consumption, which consequently, in January the consumption of apartments without a meter suddenly rose to 100% in December – 76,71 Gcal in January – 133,74 Gcal. About ticipatory cases, show bills and other consumers.

In turn, “Kievteploenergo” state its position that the Dec acted indicators on the 23rd, and January 28, hence hence the difference in consumption. Point to it and KSCA officials.

According to the adviser of the first Deputy of the mayor of Yulia Competent,all depends on the schedule of readings, and it’s easy to check. In December, the evidences were taken for 25 days, because it was done before the new year holidays. But in January took into account 35 days.

However, the publication stresses that it is in respect of the house, this justification is inapplicable, because consumption data are served each day through the Internet connection. In this regard, there is no need to consider data for a partial month.

Cold winter

The utility bills also explain the fact that in January the temperature was 2 degrees lower than in December, so the heat load expected should be higher.

The increase in the amounts in the payment in January is normal. There are methods of Cabinet, which includes the temperature coefficient. In January it was colder, and therefore much higher“, — says Yulia Competent.

However, it is emphasized that this statement, however, contradict themselves the January bills “Kievteploenergo” if you compare them not with Dec and also January, but last season. For example, the consumption of the house on street Volkova, 18 in January 2020 at +1 compared to January 2019 at 4.5 degrees frost is not only not diminished, but even increased. Therefore, warm Jan-2020 has forced CTV to heat consumers is stronger than the cold January 2019.

Flats without meters

The publication notes that all the problems with the payment system arise only those Ukrainians whose homes are no counters. Thus, the most sensational was the payment system, which was published resident 4-room apartment area of 127,3 sq. m house on the street sverstyuk, 52-In, in the amount of UAH 52 932,18.

This supercomm in “Kievteploenergo” explained that all tenants, except one, installed meters, with the result that the difference between the readings of the meter, and the total rate of all apartments with a counter, fell on the unfortunate victim. However, here the question arises, where did the difference.

In the words of co-founder of the energy strategies Foundation Dmytro Maroney, onit is obvious that the difference between the primary meter and the housing does not reflect the real picture, and that’s a huge amount! Maybe the house had a leak, maybe, there were unaccounted-for consumption, such cases were.

To earn more

The Chairman of the help Center condominiums Sergey Ryapolov stressed that all warm January, the utility actively stoked because at low costs, and low consumption less profit is deposited in the accounts of suppliers, but still need money for the repair.

In addition, CTV must also choose a substantial volume of gas, whichshowed up in this cold season.

In General, this approach is confirmed by the utility, however, due to the active heated other reasons.

In addition to the heat, we heat and transport hot water and we are unable to add heating to the mark that the hot water will be cooler. The apartment must be +18S, this should be in every apartment. In order to get people saved, it is necessary to install individual meters are the most basic and effective way, — said Yulia Competent.