As to the plans of the head of the Russian Federation affected by the economic crisis

Reducing the cost of Russian oil and an even greater drop in the economy may affect the Kremlin’s actions against Ukraine.

Как на планы главы РФ повлиял экономический кризис

This was during an online discussion of the Kiev security forum, said Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of USA in Ukraine in 1998-2000 Steven Pifer, according to the portal “Hvilya”.

The diplomat said that Moscow is using the war in the Donbas to destabilize Kiev and distract from reform. But he noted that the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis has broken plans of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“He should have been held on amending the Constitution, was to be a referendum, would have supported it, and he would open up the opportunity to be President until 2036. Was supposed to be a huge parade on may 9, which he would use to support their positions,” explained former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

Pifer stressed that the Russian oil Urals in European countries is much cheaper, and on April 23 the price and all were negative. He believes that Russia’s agreement with Saudi Arabia on the reduction of the daily volume of oil production at 10 million barrels is not enough to solve the problem.

According to the diplomat, already in the first days of may the store will be overcrowded, because the oil is extracted, but do not sell. He stated that the daily volume production is necessary to reduce by 25 million barrels.

Pifer thinks that Putin can understand the plight of the Russian economy and “change the thinking”.

According to him, the chances of de-occupation of the Donbas is higher than the return of the Crimea, because Russia is not gaining new territory in the East of Ukraine.