As usual the chili affects the development of cancer

Present in the chili pepper substance capsaicin, which gives the product a sharpness that may affect metastasis of lung cancer, reducing it.

Как обычный перец чили влияет на развитие рака

Capsaicin is an alkaloid contained in various species of capsicum Capsicum. In its pure form is a colorless crystalline substance with a pungent taste.

As reported by American scientists from Marshall University, capsaicin helps to reduce metastasis in lung cancer by blocking the activation of a protein responsible for survival and mortality of cells.

We found that capsaicin inhibits metastasis in lung cancer by blocking the activation of Src protein, the study says.

Capsaicin could be the basis for the development of new cancer drugs.

However, experts are searching for an analogue substance from Chile. The fact that capsaicin gives a number of side effects, for example, it can cause irritation of the digestive tract and stomach spasms.

Scientists from Nottingham University also point out that capsaicin causes massive destruction of malignant cells through effects on mitochondria — organelles that provide cells with energy.

Lung cancer is the most common malignancy worldwide and the most common cause of deaths among cancer pathology, is characterized by a latent period and early emergence of metastases.