Ashley Graham held a party in honor of the unborn child

32-year-old Ashley Graham is here for the first time will become a mother — a supermodel would be a boy. She announced on Thursday on the Ellen DeGeneres. But day later threw a party — a traditional baby shower, to celebrate this event.

Эшли Грэм провела вечеринку в честь будущего ребенка

A party for family and friends was held in the restaurant, The Foundry in new York. The hall was decorated with balloons reading “It’s mom,” on tables of guests were waiting for dessert — candy, cupcakes and other snacks. The heroine of the occasion received congratulations and gifts in a scarlet dress and heels. And this is, probably, what little baby shower Ashley Graham was like hundreds of others. After all, the entertainment model and her husband, Justin Ervin came up with very unconventional.

For example, the audience could have a manicure, piercing or even a tattoo the model invited the special masters.

If you still have no pierced ears and no tattoos, you’ll have to do it today, called Ashley’s friends. And many, by the way, took advantage of this opportunity. What the expectant mother, of course, was delighted.

It’s like Christmas! Even better than the wedding! —

continued to joke Ashley.


Later, the star thanked all of his guests that they were part of such a special evening.

Thank you all very much. We will not be able to raise this boy without all of you, our community, she said.

The rest of the evening, the model was spent in dancing. Until the morning Ashley was dancing twerk.