Ashton Kutcher grew a mustache for the sake of the birthday of the singer Adele

American actor Ashton Kutcher is growing a mustache for the sake of the birthday of the singer Adele, but now wears them to spite the British star. Details the history of the emergence of facial hair, the actor said in the show The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon.

Эштон Кутчер отрастил усы ради дня рождения певицы Адель

Ashton Kutcher with his wife Mila kunis have for many years been friends with the British singer Adele. Before the celebration of your 31st anniversary of the star performer said that the celebration will be held in the style of Christmas parties in the 1970s. Kutcher thought he would be good on holiday with a mustache, and began to grow. However, the birthday girl soon changed the dress code, but forgot to notify invited friends. According to Kutcher, he and his wife were confident in their outfits, but was disappointed when arriving to the party, I realized that it is organized in the style of 30-ies.

As he admitted, he never planned to get a facial, but now he’s not going to shave it, though, and realizes that he is not very well. Your mustache artist calls “the moustache of malice and revenge”.