Ashton Kutcher is not going to leave an inheritance for children: “Give the money to charity”

If you think that children of Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis ensured a comfortable life, then you are very mistaken. Hollywood actors decided not to create for their heirs trust Fund, and manage your savings in an unexpected way.

Эштон Кутчер не собирается оставлять детям наследство: «Отдадим деньги на благотворительность»

Our children get nothing, we’ll give the money to charity and things like that,

— said Kutcher.

So, if they want to start a business and make a good business plan, I invest your money, but any contributions they receive. I hope they will have great motivation to maintain that level of life that we provide them now, or at least a little closer to him

— added adamant father.

Recall that Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila kunis are raising two children together — five-year-old Wyatt and two-year-old son Dimitry. The kids still don’t know what enjoying the last carefree years of existence ahead of them waiting for a hard way to the top.

Looking at the modern heirs to large fortunes, it seems that the method of education of actors is not so bad. Especially when you consider that kunis and Kutcher from a young age to independently earn money, having started his career with the filming of children’s shows and teen soap operas.