Aspirin in breast cancer can help or kill

The study showed, some patients aspirin helps to cope with breast tumor, but in the presence of certain mutations is a drug, by contrast, can much harm.

Аспирин при раке груди может помочь или убить

The journal Cancer published a study of a group of scientists from several American universities. Scholars interested in the question why some patients with breast cancer taking aspirin is very dangerous, while others it helps.

Previous studies have established that in some women who take aspirin reduced risk of developing breast cancer. But if the disease is diagnosed, the intake of this drug greatly helps in the fight against disease. Scientists link this fact with the potent anti-inflammatory effect of the drug that seems obvious.

However, acetylsalicylic acid is not always have a positive impact on the fight against breast cancer. For part patients taking aspirin reduces the chances of survival. The authors of the study made the assumption that this dual role of the drug is associated with genetic characteristics. Because of these features, aspirin can affect DNA methylation.

To test this hypothesis, the scientists analysed data relating to 1266 patients with breast cancer. The study hypothesis was confirmed. The part of the patients who started taking aspirin for six weeks before diagnosis, the risk of death from breast cancer was increased by 67%. While these women were in some way changed the DNA in the region of the genome that control the activity of the BRCA1 gene.

At the same time, patients who took aspirin, but lacked DNA methylation in the regulatory region of the BRCA1 gene, the risk of death from this disease was reduced by 22-40%. Scientists stressed that the data are preliminary and require further research.