Aspirin is recognized useless medication

Doctors claim that aspirin is useless to take, especially the elderly, with an increased risk of diseases of vessels and heart.

Аспирин признали бесполезным лекарством

Previously doctors said the opposite. They claimed that aspirin in small doses may reduce the development of many diseases.

To date, experts have proven that people over the age of 70 years aspirin generally can not bring any benefit, but also harm he can, since the use of aspirin in small doses daily, according to doctors, can cause bleeding. This may be due to the fact that aspirin can thin the blood.

Risks of bleeding are also prone to healthy people who use aspirin for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

After numerous studies, scientists concluded that taking aspirin makes no sense in any case. If you decide to continue taking, say doctors. It is best to consult with a specialist.

Earlier, doctors spoke about other older drugs, the use of which is questioned. For example, don’t bring benefit nor Corvalol or valocordin. According to the doctors. Rather, they are suitable as sleeping pills or sedative which is applied before bed.

The same useless “properties”, according to experts, have a medication of dysbiosis. Unclaimed and unhelpful, also named and Imudon, Arbidol.