Associated with Deripaska British company has searched in the U.S. (PHOTOS)

Связанную с Дерипаской британскую компанию обыскали по запросу США (ФОТО)

U.S. prosecutors wanted to access the company associated with businessman Oleg Deripaska, as part of the investigation, which has not been reported previously. This writes the Agency Bloomberg, citing documents filed in a London court.

Investigative bodies in the United States for evidence of “money laundering, tax offences and fraud” among 18 individuals and companies including specializing in real estate Terra Services Ltd., which until last year was controlled by Deripaska. The case grew out of investigations of spectacular USA Robert Mueller about Russian interference in American elections.

Information about the case surfaced due to the fact that Terra challenges the search warrant that led to seizure in December 2018, at least 25 thousand of electronic documents in the British division of the company. Terra asks London court to prevent the transfer of the seized documents to the us side. In a statement, Terra it is noted that the search warrant, apparently, was connected “with an investigation of spectracolor conducted in the United States.”

The British judge who issued the search warrant at Terra in December 2018, said that any seized materials may be useful for the investigation of criminal offences committed by Paul Manafort and Rick gates. At that time, Manafort was already found guilty and awaiting sentence, while gates has already admitted his guilt and cooperated with prosecutors.

A team of spectacular Mueller announced the completion of the investigation, “the Russian cases” earlier this year, handing over to the Prosecutor’s office the materials of which were not disclosed.

According to the report of Muller Manafort who once headed the campaign headquarters of U.S. President Donald trump, suggested that Deripaska’s internal data on the progress of the presidential campaign in an effort to resolve a business dispute with the Russian businessman. No charges Deripaska was not charged, while Manafort serving a more than seven-year sentence for several charges. In April of last year, Deripaska was included in the sanctions list of the USA.