Astrologers are mistaken: These qualities of your Zodiac sign interpreted incorrectly!


Астрологи ошибаются: Эти качества вашего знака Зодиака трактуют неправильно!

Some of the qualities that are considered to be your shortcomings, in reality they are not. You’re just misunderstood!

Of course, everyone is interested in what qualities people have their Zodiac sign. Some of these character traits astrologers interpret as flaws. And here and there: they are wrong!

Many of the qualities that are considered to be your shortcomings, in reality they are not. You’re just misunderstood!


Outside the window the rain and slush. Get up. Do it again. Oh, how wrong those who underestimate your determination. The only thing you cannot do is to abandon the plan.

Someone will call it the “go ahead”. No, it is not so. Because even if, under the circumstances, and will have to give up the fight – that doesn’t mean you give up.

Aries never give up, to let you know. They just realize that their chosen path does not lead to the ultimate goal. This is called wisdom.


Perhaps you are a big sweet Teddy bear who will always come for help and support. Family and friends near you – like a stone wall. But if you do, it seems strange and illogical – you stop, even in the desert.

And how much would you ask for, no matter how to persuade or pressure on the pity – in response they will receive only your “brand stubbornness.” Do a true Taurus.

What should not be underestimated in you is that to use your kindness indefinitely will not work.


Oh, this is the “fun” sign. Each coin has two sides, and the Gemini – a true master of juggling these glands.

Yes, you are changeable and unpredictable. But that is no reason to underestimate your uncanny ability to adapt, no matter how varied the situation.

Then you have no equal! Whatever happened and wherever you were – always Unscrew it and wrap everything in their favor.


Even though you are wise enough not to show the people their true feelings, this does not mean that Cancer is an insensitive bore. You are very emotional and deep.

Surrounding often underestimate how very caring of you, that are willing to go in order to those you love happy.


Many of us should think carefully before we say or do. And when it comes to analytical analysis of the situation and thinking “moves” – you have no equal. You are the absolute champion in this weight category.

The lion turns into a true ninja when to include logic to win. Replay it is impossible. He is willing to spend a lifetime, but will come up with a plan that will lead to the desired goal.


If Virgo and love something more than anything else, is to examine each situation and each person from the standpoint of psychology. They thorough. They are interested in everything: motives, intentions, causes, consequence. Virgo is very proficient in people and in life.

Not surprisingly, what you in difficult situations all run friends and acquaintances for advice. After all, you study people and the peculiarities of their thinking and behavior all my life.


Libra is the Zodiac sign in which absolutely everything revolves around love. For him this feeling is the most important and expensive. It is not surprising that the Scales are very vulnerable.

But they still fall in love and will fall in love, even knowing that will suffer.

It is impossible to measure or to tell you how much they can love.


Representatives of this sign can make the decision to break the love or friendship so quickly that people even understand in no time what happened.

This is bad and good. The fact that there’s one thing Scorpios will never tolerate and will not forgive. Is infidelity. Or a hint of betrayal, even in the smallest things.

In the moment when you realize that relationships with loved ones or friends is one way – instantly run away. Often not even say goodbye.


Our life is a fun adventure, isn’t it? And Archers are the personification of this free spirit who is always chasing the action and adrenaline.

However, very few people know how lonely you feel in the midst of the crowd.

It’s true – you are searching for salvation from loneliness, not perform the role in the blockbuster.


Capricorns are often accused that they are cold, reserved and harsh. And they are partly right.

But things are not so simple. There is no doubt that you are very modest. These are workers who do not shout at every corner about their services.

You frugal, but not stingy. So you come running for help, asking to help out. And you never give up, not squandering of smiles and nothing is promised.


It’s very hard decide on something, if you do not fully believe in the idea conceived.

People think you are too self-centered because you refuse some things. But if they knew that Aquarius does so not out of malice, and following his philosophy of life, then maybe their opinion would change.


Fish are very delicate creatures. So gentle that many people take it for weakness. Actually we are talking about restraint and self-discipline. So they are a lot stronger than anyone can imagine.