Astrologers have identified two of the most unfortunate zodiacal types of women. Check that you are not in this group

They often suffer from loneliness or unrequited love and generally have a very difficult fate.

 Astrologers have selected two most unfortunate zodiacal types of women. Check if you are not in this group

Astrologers have said which female zodiac signs have the most difficult period in life. Thus, experts identified only two signs that representatives can be deeply unhappy in life.


Women born under this zodiac sign often grow up in an incomplete family. For this reason, man wishes to receive more attention and more love, but even by creating his own family, Gemini still lacks warmth, comfort and care.

According to the expert, Gemini women find it very difficult to get along with their partners and get married well. They also tend to be happy motherhood. They most often inherit their parents' experiences and often disagree with their spouses.

Astrologers emphasize, however, that this does not apply to everyone born under this zodiac sign.


Zodiacal Crayfish have a lot of trouble. They may have long searches for themselves, failures at school and then at work, not very good adventures in their personal lives. Sometimes it seems to Cancer that their whole life is a black streak. But it is not.

Astrologers say that the ladies of these signs do in fact pass a lot of tests, most of them related to money and career. Therefore, often Crayfish live quite modestly or even poorly. But in their personal life, everything is harmonious and smooth.