At 78, France Castel finally releases her second album

&At 78, France Castel is finally releasing her second album


France Castel had set aside her musical career for almost 50 years. At 78, the one we still see and hear everywhere (on television, in the cinema, on the radio) returns to singing on record with a colorful eponymous album so named because it looks like her.  

France Castel wanted to hear what the singer and the interpreter in her still had to say and sing. By putting all her heart into it and using all her honesty, the great lady has managed to create an album in her image that fills her with pride. 

Repairing an old wound 

“I'm proud of the accomplishment, of taking the risk and delivering something authentic to people,” she explains. I think it's bold to launch an album now. For me, it also represents an overcoming of myself, because there was an old wound. I am happy to have overcome this fear, because I had mourned albums and solo shows. It woke up something. »

Forty-seven years after the release of his last album, En corps à cœur, the singer experienced the stage of seeing this disc as a simple project, with the recordings making everything more concrete, with the production confirming that the final product was going to be launched, which scared her a little. “Now I say to myself: it's done, and it's no longer in my hands, it's life that will decide! »  

This album includes 11 tracks including Freedom, my beloved, the first extract recently unveiled to the general public. For the singer, this represents a kind of introspective assessment of her life in songs. An alloy of moments of love, reflections on the passage of time and on death, a return to old demons, to the game as well as beautiful bursts of light. 

Themes that have been addressed by authors, authors, composers and composers who have written especially for her, in which the singer, who listens to all kinds of music and who reveals herself in different facets, recognized himself. “There are many kinds of songs, because that's who I am,” she says.

“You have to be surprised, continues the actress who now lives full-time in the Laurentians. With the pandemic, the move to the countryside, the insistence of certain people and certain authors and the scholarship coming with the Lucille–Dumont prize that I won as a performer in September 2021, it gave me motivation and a little money to do these experiments in the studio. »

However, she insists: she never stopped singing; she had simply taken a long break from her record work. She also thanks France Beaudoin, the host of En direct de l'univers, for allowing her to sing on her show several times. She has also been heard singing on several occasions on the stage.

Busy and curious 

In addition to this new album, France Castel will be part of the cast of several upcoming television projects, including the new Radio-Canada and Télé-Québec youth series L'île Kilucru, Fragments , the “magnificent” new drama series from Serge Boucher and in the crime drama series Après le déluge – in which she says she plays a daring role – which will be on Crave next December.  

Does the almost 80-year-old actress ever plan to stop? “I'm just going to obey the energy,” she replies. If someone calls me and it speaks to me, that means I have to be there. I don't force anything. Even the album, it was not me who forced to do it. They gave me things. I think it's my curiosity that keeps me young, I'm curious and it's a quality that needs to be developed.

It is the mixture of generations and cultures that she sees as the greatest joy of being on film sets at this stage of her life and career. 

“That's the future: mixing and being together,” confirms the actress, who knows she's lucky to be healthy and still have the energy to work. There is nothing nicer! » 

The album France Castel will be on sale on October 28th.