At a campaign rally of the President of Afghanistan, an explosion occurred, more than 20 people were killed (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

На предвыборном митинге президента Афганистана произошел взрыв, более 20 человек погибли (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

At least 24 people were killed and 31 were injured as a result of the blast in the Afghan province of Parwan, near the site of an election meeting Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. About it reports TV channel 1TV with reference to physicians.

As reported by Sputnik Agency, head of the local hospital, Abdul Qasim Sangin, most of the victims were civilians, among them women and children.

Previously, the TV station reported two explosions near the area where the campaign event attracted several thousand people. Representatives of the Afghan security forces confirmed that one device was a homemade bomb planted under the car of the security service. According to others the channel, referring to the interior Ministry of Afghanistan, the explosive device detonated a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.

The explosion occurred at a time when Ghani was supposed to start his speech. The President was not injured. His staff decided to continue the rally. So far none of extremist groups has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Presidential elections in Afghanistan scheduled for September 28, 2019. Candidates was 18 people, including incumbent President Ghani. Earlier it was planned that the elections will be held on July 20, they were transferred several times already. Ghani is President of Afghanistan in 2014. In accordance with the Constitution, the President is elected for 5 years with possibility of reelection for a second term.

Radical grouping “the Taliban”* urged the Afghans not to go to the presidential elections of 28 September and related events, as they can become the target of the attack traffic. The special representative of the UN Secretary-General expressed concern that the goal of the attacks might be civilians participating in the elections.

*The Taliban (the Taliban) – the group recognized as the decision of the Supreme court dated 14 February 2003 as a terrorist organization. Its activity in Russia is prohibited.