At a flea market in Texas man stabbed seven people with one bullet

On Sunday evening, February 23 in Texas on a crowded flea market was panic after the United man had shot and wounded seven people. They were all taken to the hospital. This writes Fox News.

На блошином рынке в Техасе мужчина ранил семерых людей одной пулей

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25-year-old Jose Manuel Guerrero-Reyes was charged with aggravated assault resulting in bodily injury. Police said that the injuries of all the victims are not life-threatening.

“At some point he pulled out a gun, keeping your finger on the trigger, and then shot the person standing in front of Guerrero-Reyes,” said County Deputy Sheriff Thomas Harris of Hilliard.

The bullet hit 30-year-old man in the thigh and then bounced off the concrete dance floor wounded six people. Among the victims were four men aged 26 to 33 years and two women aged 26 to 43 years, all of them received minor injuries.

Guerrero-Reyes allegedly told investigators that his hand was in his pocket, and the gun was there, accidentally shot. The Sheriff of Harris County ed Gonzalez stated that the testimony of a suspect do not match the evidence.

He argues that Guerrero-Reyes was drunk.

“We don’t know if he was going to shoot somebody, or the shot was an accident, Gonzales said. — Weapons and alcohol don’t blend very well”.

The Sheriff added that Guerrero-Reyes had nothing to do with the person who was shot first in the thigh, and the motive is unclear.