At Home Ronaldo his statue from chocolate to life-size (video)

На Родине Роналду появилась его статуя из шоколада в натуральную величину (видео)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is not surprised by its own statues and busts, but that he was not.

Renowned chocolatier Jorge Cardoso created a chocolate sculpture Juventus striker in full size.

The work was presented at the carnival in Ovar, the center of the homonymous municipality in the district of Aveiro in Portugal.

At the creation of the sculpture by Cardoso took about 200 hours.

The reaction of the “sitter” in a work of Cardoso is still unknown.

However, it is already known that after the completion of the carnival, the statue exhibited in the Museum Ronaldo on Madeira island.