At idle because of the quarantine Boeing 737 discovered corrosion

У простаивающих из-за карантина Boeing 737 обнаружена коррозия

The corrosion was discovered by experts in overhead valve engines

According to experts, insecure are nearly two thousand aircraft, idle without work.

The Federal aviation administration (FAA) has sent a notice to Boeing about the insecurity of using those aircraft Boeing737 NG and Classic, which in recent months has rarely been used due to pandemic coronavirus and idled for seven or more consecutive days. On Friday, July 24, reports агентствоReuters.

“These aircraft can be corrosion, which can lead to the simultaneous failure of two engines,” — said in the message of Administration.

It is clarified that the corrosion was discovered by experts in air valves of the engine during a technical inspection of a few planes before getting started.

“Because of this corrosion the valves stuck in the open position, that the verification of liners had led to a halt of the engine,” — says the experts.

The FAA noted that Boeing shall conduct a review of all idle or infrequently used aircraft of these modifications and replace the valves if necessary.

Earlier it was reported that the American aerospace Corporation Boeing will reduce the production of Samoletova for coronavirus crisis.

As previously reported, in Tsanaclis certification полетыВоеіпд737 MAX. The pilots of the Federal office of civil aviation USA and Boeing conducted the first test flight, which lasted about three hours.